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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 03:11


We parked and went for a short distance to a number of bars that I knew and had frequented before. The first who entered was quite dark, but I liked a girl I like very well, but the darkness also helped with my mini skirt and sexy top, and my long thin muchosucko legs and high heels. I wore a black necklace with rhinestone detail on neck and my wife Sue told me that made ​​me look cool extra. After a drink we moved to a corner and quickly approached by four guys who came to speak. 'God you two girls are beautiful, we can offer you a drink,' said one. We accept, and soon, my wife and I were a boy kissing each other, while the two men saw. My wife said, breathlessly, as he stopped for breath, one of your partner 's arms muchosucko muchosucko around her, rubbing his hand between her legs if you like Join the kids. 'My husband had sussed since I was a television and had his hand on top of my socks and rubbed his cock, but my underwear, my hand was inside his pants stroking his verybig hard cock through his shorts. I watched my wife finger fucked by both children enjoyed it, her legs parted a little to get access to, and I realized I enjoyed the sight of me, harassed by two men. My wife suddenly two men and seized my hand and pulled me to the toilets.. Once in the ladies said, 'God this is simply too Chris, we can not have sex in the bar as well. If I had not stopped, would be the man I shit on the floor now. ' 'I know, but true love,' he said, ' and I bet you can not wait for the cock in you? ' Sue kissed me and stroked my penis and said: 'These guys are huge cocks, and just in my pussy now, but not here in this bar, although I am so excited and wet well, and I can not wait for you to be fucked by them, and '' just think of Sue, four roosters for us tonight. and is only 10 and 00 so we could have four muchosucko more muchosucko later, '' are nothing but a whore it Chrissaid: 'If I had known for years that my dick ' ' Come back, 'I said, the ground floor of anything goes, it will be my love, surprised,' I took my wife out of the Loos, and the four men on the corner waiting for us, obviously, their hard -ons through their pants. muchosucko Sue and I were instructed to follow us and we climbed the stairs to the basement. As happened in the dark close I could see key pairs and groups in the chairs and sofas and kiss. was early so there was no room to spare, and I felt hands on my ass and my rock slidng and saw that my dear wife on her knees and two cocks start very impressive and hard to breathe. Part 3 to follow
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 03:11

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